Sunday, 25 November 2012

InMotion Reviews

Every website which wants to go live would need a reliable hosting company to have their backs 24/7. As of today, there are hundreds if not thousands of hosting companies saying they are what you need for your website but who else can do the job but the one which has stayed for over a decade and providing their excellent hosting service to many websites - InMotion Hosting.
InMotion hosting is already in the business for about 11 years now. Many InMotion reviews claim that this hosting company provides not only reliable and excellent web hosting but also affordable and experienced support staff. These qualities even gained them certifications from the likes of CNET as well as BBB or Better Business Bureau.

Reliability and Quality
Inmotion ReviewsInMotion hosting is very reliable as they are using Unix and Linux systems on their servers and are being constantly and strictly monitored 24/7 to make sure that they can get websites running smoothly with no problems and as much as possible zero downtimes every time. According to other reviews though, InMotion is rated to have about 99% uptime for all of the different plans that they have. They also coupled this great and fast service with highly skilled technical people who maintains and monitors the systems for any issues or problems. They ensure that any problem is already fixed and solved before it can even affect any customer's website. This together with many loyal user reviews goes to show that InMotion is very reliable and excellent in quality in terms of their hosting service. You can rest assured that you will get uninterrupted availability most of the time because of their top notch systems and technical personnels.

Over the years, InMotion was able to develop plans so that they can cater to almost any individual who may need hosting services in the market. Their customers range from individuals, as well as small, medium, and high end businesses. InMotion plans mainly differ in prices because of several factors like disk space and bandwidth. Their most inexpensive plans suited for individuals starting out their sites is just about $3 a month and even at this plan, you already have an extra service of automated backup. Their business plans, on the other hand, are their best seller. For as low as $5.95 per month, you already have a reliable and excellent web hosting for your website. This plan already provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space, daily backup, eCommerce ready as well as uses a technology which can redirect traffic depending on the visitors' geographical locations. The only difference the business plans have is the number of domains which they can support.

But according most InMotion reviews, one of the best services provided by InMotion is their money back guarantee which is 30 days for personal subscriptions and 90 days for business (with a minimum of one month contract). No grudge held, if the company cannot serve you accordingly, you can make a refund quick and easy.

Top Notch Customer Service Support
InMotion makes sure that they can provide holistic service to everyone, thus they have skilled and excellent people who can help you with what you need. They have people who are very knowledgeable and really knows what they are talking about. You can rely on them 24/7, wherever and whenever.
With its high quality and reliable service, best customer service and affordability at its best, InMotion hosting is your top choice for your web hosting needs which is not only proven by their company but also by the many satisfied customers over the years.

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