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IX Webhosting Reviews

Based in Columbus, Ohio, IX WebHosting is a leading web hosting solutions provider with thousands of clients spread across the globe. The company was established back in 1999 in the thick of web hosting craze. At the moment, the IX WebHosting is a strong player in VPS, Cloud and shared hosting markets.
Ixwebhosting ReviewsFor a little over a decade, IX WebHosting has proved to be a reliable web hosting company. Most of the IX WebHosting reviews you are going to come across will testify to this very fact, and it is one of the things that have attracted many webmasters to their services. Currently, the company boasts of a huge number of royal clients that use their services to run all kinds of websites.

Apart from its unmatched reliability, the company offers a variety of flexible plans, such as:
- Unlimited Pro
- Expert Plan
- Business Plus

All these web hosting plans come with a wide variety of attractive features, including:
1. 2 Free dedicated IP addresses
2. Account control panel
3. Free ad coupons worth $100
4. International domain support
5. Free 24/7 support
6. Database support
7. Unlimited sub domains
8. Unlimited data transfer
9. Free domain registration
10. Unlimited disk storage
11. Unlimited host domains
12. Free site builder, and much more

As an IX Webhosting client, you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. You will also get to enjoy certain basic services irrespective of the plan you choose. All these services are backed by a reliable customer service.
Aside from web hosting, IX WebHosting provides professional site building services to its clients. This allows clients to build and maintain sites in a smooth manner. With the help of a free website creator, you can create your web portal the way you want without the need to pay a designer. This way, you will spend less money and effort in building your site. You can also use utilize their web building service to give your existing website a new look. Whether you are planning to build a personal website or a business site, IX WebHosting can provide you with everything you need to get it up and running. In addition, the company can help you in the marketing and promotion of your site.

The free dedicated IP addresses offered by IX WebHosting along with its shared hosting plans allows websites to run in a dedicated manner from private IP addresses without the need to share with other sites. This is hugely beneficial since the IP address can be accessed at any time even when the DNS domain name is not available. If you are building an ecommerce site and you would wish to have your own SSL certificate, then, IX WebHosting can make your dream come true through their free dedicated IPs that you will get with your hosting account.

The control panel offered by IX WebHosting can help you to manage your database effectively along with your file manager and FTP account. This control panel is not only multi-lingual, but also h-scalable, and you can install commonly used PHP scripts such as joomla, wordpress, drupal, and phpbb with a single click.
Lastly, this was just a brief overview of the features of the services offered by the company. You can find more about the company's services by reading IX WebHosting reviews available online.

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