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What is web hosting and the benefits of trusted web hosting reviews

What is web hosting? Web hosting can be described as an internet based hosting service that allows access to a website through the World Wide Web. For a website to be accessed online, it must be hosted by a web hosting company. Web hosting companies usually provide high-powered computers or web servers and high-speed network connectivity for their clients as part of the hosting service.

How does web hosting work

A web hosting company normally offers an individual storage space on their servers and a high-speed connection. This resources act as a platform on which a website can run. In return, a website owner is required to pay a quarterly, monthly or annual fee for the hosting service.
Types of web hosting services
The advent of technology has given rise to different types of web hosting. This includes
Shared hosting service

This is one of the most common web hosting plans. In shared hosting several websites are hosted on one server as opposed to each website having its own server. Websites are normally allocated a partitioned space within a server and the overall cost of a server is shared out between individual clients. Some of the benefits associated with this type of web hosting includeCost-effective- an individual does not need to pay for the whole serverEasy to use- this server is pre-configured with the most common options and the hosting company usually takes care of security updates and server maintenance.
One major drawback associated with using this type of sever is the slow response time that is brought about by the large number of websites operating on the server. Flexibility is also an issue as most of the server settings are pre-configured and cannot be changed.

Dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting, an individual is allocated an entire server and all its resources. Some of the advantages associated with this type of website hosting plan includeFlexibility and customization
Due to the nature of this server, individuals have the freedom to make their own choices when it comes to the server setup. A customer has full control of the server and can choose the operating system, software and hardware.Better performance

Since there will be only one website running on the server, server performance tends to be better.Full control
Customers have full control of their servers and can configure a server to meet their needs.
One of the major disadvantages associated with this type of hosting service is the cost. In addition, an individual must have some form of technical knowledge so as to effectively configure a server.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS is considered as a cross between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. In VPS, customers still share a server but special virtualization technology enables them to have more control over their partitions: almost like a dedicated server. Some of the advantages associated with this hosting method includeFlexibility- brought about by special virtualization technologyCost-effective- cheaper than dedicated servers
For individuals who had minimum understanding on `what is webhosting', the above overview of the various web hosting plans can act as a guideline when it comes to selecting a web hosting service.visit us 

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