Sunday, 30 December 2012

How To Set Up Virtual Hosting on Apache

A very fast internet connection and an Apache web server are all you need to run an Apache virtual host. You will not require you to have IP addresses for each domain because you are not using a physical location. The virtual host is able to operate because of the configurations that you make on the Apache installation. Once you include these settings in the setup, the web server is able to serve different websites based on their respective HTTP header hostnames. Here is a detailed description of how to set up virtual hosting on Apache.

Friday, 28 December 2012

How To Install Wordpress On Hostgator Using QuickInstall or Fantastico

Hostgator is a known web hosting company who also deals with dedicated servers as well as VPS and reseller hosting. Wordpress on the other hand is a free software used by many web developers these days which allow them to craft websites according to their preferences. Majority of web developers today prefer HostGator as their site's host. This is because HostGator offers reliable and cheap hosting packages and at the same time the ways of how to install Wordpress on Hostgator are practically easy.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting?.Website need a big number of computer files form HTML text files to BMP image files and of course, many other types in general. For those who have the intention of building up a website where they will be able to put all of these files in order for internet users to access them anytime and anywhere, how does one proceed with it? Well, first of all they will need data space and of course a secure name server which can be accessed on the internet and this is exactly what a web host offers. Those who don't know what is web hosting, should know that it's actually a service which allows them to host different files and folders (generally websites).

Thus, it's possible for users to actually create their very own domain name sever and then host their E-mail accounts, JPEG images and various files from a server they will own. However, when it comes to doing so, this will require users have a good amount of experience with setting up servers, time and of course money. Generally, for a good web hosting server, people will need to pay upwards of 20 dollars, but there are also services which offer limited functionality free of charge.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Brief Guide: How to Choose a Good Web Host

Before you can get your online business up and running, you need to find a hosting service to register your domain names with. Without a hosting service, you'd basically need to set up your own server to manage all the bandwidth transfer which will inevitably happen, and hopefully expand as your business does. The good news is that most hosting services are actually quite cheap, charging somewhere between $70 and $100 per year for their hosting services, with each domain name costing an additional $8 to $13 per year, depending on the name itself and the extension you are using. Unfortunately, not every hosting service is exactly reliable, and so here is a quick guide for how to choose a web host.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Selecting a Web Hosting Service is a Complex Process

Selecting a web hosting service is a complex process. You need to find the most reliable service possible while not spending more than you can afford. Keep reading this useful web hosting reviews before buying any hosting plan.

Do as much research as possible about the web hosting services you are interested in. Read everything on their official site, check their message boards and look for reviews written by webmasters. There are even blogs and sites that rank web hosting services. If a web host is not reliable, you will find some bad reviews, very little information on their site and some complaints on their official message board. You need to keep in mind that every web host occasionally runs into technical difficulties, but there is a real problem if all the reviews you find are negative.

Make a list of all the features you need
Some web hosting services will allow you to create some email addresses that contain your domain name, use some analytical tools to monitor your traffic and some site-building plugins if you need help with designing a quality site. These additional features might cause the cost of your web hosting plan to go up, but it is in your best interest to invest in a plan that allows you to create a quality site.

Some web hosting services will give you a deal if you register your domain name when creating an account. You should never put all your eggs in one basket and get your server space and domain name from the same service. If you decide you want to switch to a different web host, you will be stuck because you cannot keep your domain name without still paying a monthly fee to your first web host. Use a separate service for your domain name so you can keep it if you decide to switch to a different web host.

Stay away from free web hosting solutions if possible
Using a free web host will help you save a lot when you first launch your site, but you will run into technical issues and not be able to rely on a quality customer service. Most free web hosts place ads or banners on your site, which is not good for your image. Instead, try finding an affordable web hosting solution so you can turn to qualified technicians if you run into a problem.

Call the customer service of the web hosting service you are interested in. Ask some questions about maintenance and equipment to get an idea of how qualified the technicians are. If you are redirected to a call center that is not located where the servers are or if the people you talk to cannot answer your technical questions, find another host. Some companies actually rent server space from other hosts and cannot perform any maintenance on the servers or answer your technical questions.

Use these web host reviews and compare different web hosting service before you make your decision. Take your time, and do not hesitate to switch to a different service if your first choice was not the best.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

What is cloud computing

In the present times companies call for a multitude of software programs in order to operate effectively today. The expanding dependence upon programs such as e-mail, software linked to enterprise and accounting systems, graphics software and file-sharing programs are coming to be harder and harder to handle for small-to-medium sized companies. The quantity of time, cash and energy it takes to efficiently handle infrastructure, servers and fixing make cloud computing an exceptional choice.

What is cloud computing? Think about it like this: As opposed to hosting your software applications on an interior server needing you to outlay big capital expenses along with recurring IT support, moving to cloud computing is like undertaking software hosting with a third party. This has a number of advantages aimed towards your business:

Reduced Capital Prices -

Instead of spending money on an outlay it's better to utilize cloud technology for little to no capital investment. The prices of cloud hosting lie in recurring individual charges as opposed to big upfront expenses. By transforming capital expenditure to a functional expense, moving to the cloud reduces the entry limits for numerous small-to-medium sized companies.

Greater Protection -

With your software applications streamlined with cloud innovation, security functions are really much more advanced as compared to in-house setup. Given that third party cloud technology providers have massive protection resources which are otherwise not readily available to small-to-medium sized companies. Thus cloud hosting could offer an enhanced level of protection.

Upkeep -

If software applications are hosted making use of an internal server, a company is confronted with the prospect of IT support and troubleshooting for both software and hardware linked to the applications. When changing to cloud computing , a company instantly gets 24-hour technical support which is a part of the operational expenditure linked to this technology.

Connection -

Given that third party provider does cloud hosting, customers usually access their cloud computing applications making use of an internet browser. One of the most essential perks to this is the enhanced connection offered by participants of the business. With mobile gadgets coming to be more widespread in company usage, your team members might now link to the cloud and gain access to their programs from anywhere.
Exactly what may happen if the cloud sever crashes or there is data loss?

This is a very vital subject. Business often think that their very own server spaces are in some way immune from misfortune and they are typically under-prepared for a catastrophe. Merely doing tape backups, placing tapes in fire resistant boxes and various other techniques could provide a fake sense of security. The truth is if catastrophe strikes, you require instant backup of current information so that you can resume your work within a few hours. If greater data access would be a perk to your business, then the concept of cloud computing might be right for you. In addition, it offers upkeep, protection, and decreased capital expenses. Cloud computing products mean an added advantage to your business so this cloud comes with a silver lining

Thursday, 6 December 2012

What is Exchange Hosting?

What is Exchange Hosting? This is a common question many people ask themselves. By reading this article you will be able to understand its meaning. The Microsoft Exchange Server normally is powerful business software which is used to offer business communications and also facilitate business management. Currently this great software is used by hundreds of successful enterprises and businesses because of its ability to make communications simpler thus enhancing business productivity.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

How to Choose a Web Hosting for Small Business

When choosing the best hosting company for a small business it is important to consider the following:

Bandwidth and file Space
Sufficient bandwidth and disk storage is a very important aspect when choosing the best hosting company. Bandwidth refers to the quantity of downloadable data from your site per month. Disk storage is the quantity of hard disk space allocated to your site on the server machine. Top web hosting companies provide unlimited bandwidth, storage space, email accounts, hosted domains and databases.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

How To Write A Press Release

Press release is considered an important public relations communication tool. In this era of increased business competition most firms rely on press releases to boost their company's visibility. Writing press releases is a significant role of a public relations officer in any organization. As such it is necessary to have a PRO who is well versed in how to write a press release. A good press release should in cooperate all the basic tenets of news writing such as news worthiness. Remember millions of companies compete for the attention of the news media, therefore make yours stand out.