Sunday, 2 December 2012

How to Choose a Web Hosting for Small Business

When choosing the best hosting company for a small business it is important to consider the following:

Bandwidth and file Space
Sufficient bandwidth and disk storage is a very important aspect when choosing the best hosting company. Bandwidth refers to the quantity of downloadable data from your site per month. Disk storage is the quantity of hard disk space allocated to your site on the server machine. Top web hosting companies provide unlimited bandwidth, storage space, email accounts, hosted domains and databases.

Technical support offered.
Technical support is very important when acquiring small business web hosting. Check out for a company that provides 24/7 support and ensure their phone technical support is real and not automated. The company should be offering detailed information on their website including a FAQs section. Live chat techniques is the mostly used in modern times. It is vital when enquiring about long error message necessitating the copy paste option.

Check charges
A good Virtual private server hosting should be around $25 to $ 50 per month while shared hosting is around $10. If the price given is too low beware the quality of the service they offer but it does not necessary mean that cheap price implies poor quality.

Flexibility A web hosting company for a small business should be flexible to enable you to switch over to a larger hosting storage space. Flexibility is very vital for small business web hosting and should not be overlooked.

cPanel Support
Check out for a hosting company that provides cPanel support. This is used to perform various tasks easily, for instance, setting up a WordPress, backing your files, blog and presenting web figures and logs. Incase you want to transfer your website to another web hosting service provider it is very easy given both companies support cPanel.

Guaranteed Uptimes
A good hosting company should give you guaranteed uptimes. This is normally indicated in percentages such as 99.8% or 99.4%. Web hosting company's method of calculating uptime varies and some providers might leave out planned maintenance from the downtime. Hence uptime may not work perfectly in determining the best hosting company. But it is vital to get a hosting company that offers some kind of assurance to maintain uptimes.

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