Friday, 28 December 2012

How To Install Wordpress On Hostgator Using QuickInstall or Fantastico

Hostgator is a known web hosting company who also deals with dedicated servers as well as VPS and reseller hosting. Wordpress on the other hand is a free software used by many web developers these days which allow them to craft websites according to their preferences. Majority of web developers today prefer HostGator as their site's host. This is because HostGator offers reliable and cheap hosting packages and at the same time the ways of how to install Wordpress on Hostgator are practically easy.

There are two ways to install Wordpress on HostGator. You can either use Fantastico or QuickInstall. Fantastico is utilized by many hosting control panels and it can also be found on HostGator. This auto-script installer can install Wordpress within a few seconds. QuickInstall is exclusively found in HostGator and this script specifically built for their HostGator's customers. Aside from Wordpress, QuickInstall allows you to install wide range of PHP softwares.

The following are a quick walkthroughs that will guide you to install your WP site on HostGator's control panel.

Installing Wordpress Through QuickInstall

Firstly log in to your HostGator control panel. The control panel is very easy to use and you just needed to click things around in order to perform the functions that you required. Next, scroll down to find the Software/Services section inside that Control Panel. You will see the QuickInstall button, click that icon and then click "Wordpress" on the control panel's "Blog Software" Category. After that, click the "Continue" button. Next, input your domain name on the box next to where it says; https. Make sure that you time your domain name accurately. The box located on the right side of your domain name is going to be the folder name that will install Wordpress. If your aim is to install Wordpress from the root of your domain, then leave the second box blank. Now enter the admin's e-mail address. You should provide a valid email since your password will be forwarded to the e-mail that you entered. Then, enter the blog title, your first and last name on the set fields. Now, click the Install Now icon. It will only take a few seconds to complete that installation.

Installing Wordpress Through Fantastico

On your Internet browser, log in to your website's control panel simply by typing your domain name slash cpanel (domainname/cpanel). Now scroll down to the page and seek for the Fantastico link, then open that icon. You will see software options on the list. Click Wordpress. Next, click the domain or sub-domain of your option. Fill up the required information and then click the "Install Wordpress button." Make sure to input accurate data as required Double check all the information you had input and then click "Done" to complete the installation.

Those are the ways of how to install Wordpress on HostGator using either the QuickInstall or Fantastico script installers. Both ways are practically quick and will not even take five minutes to complete the installation. Also, if you have any technical questions regarding your hosting purchases on HostGator, their customer support is available 24/7 to serve you.

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