Sunday, 23 December 2012

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting?.Website need a big number of computer files form HTML text files to BMP image files and of course, many other types in general. For those who have the intention of building up a website where they will be able to put all of these files in order for internet users to access them anytime and anywhere, how does one proceed with it? Well, first of all they will need data space and of course a secure name server which can be accessed on the internet and this is exactly what a web host offers. Those who don't know what is web hosting, should know that it's actually a service which allows them to host different files and folders (generally websites).

Thus, it's possible for users to actually create their very own domain name sever and then host their E-mail accounts, JPEG images and various files from a server they will own. However, when it comes to doing so, this will require users have a good amount of experience with setting up servers, time and of course money. Generally, for a good web hosting server, people will need to pay upwards of 20 dollars, but there are also services which offer limited functionality free of charge.

However, many people who are interested in web hosting are curious if there are any differences between web hosting and domain registration? Well, the latter is actually the website or company which will register the individual's URL or domain name of their site, whereas the web hosting company will deal with the maintenance of the E-mail accounts and files associated with the domain. In most cases, it's really common both services will be provided by the very same company.

For those who are looking for the best web hosting company, they should first of all know that "best" is influenced by their needs. Some people need to have a great upload rate, others require to have the best uptime possible, while others will just require to sign up with a web hosting company to host some files they would like to access from time to time. Many of the web hosting companies out there do use similar or even identical interfaces when offering their services, so it's all a matter of what the user is looking for. Some of their extras or free goodies they offer number free tools to help people build their website, free templates, additional web space and so forth.

Even though web hosting services have similarities, there are also differences that set them very much apart from each other. This is the same with any business out there: some of them will have superior customer service, others will focus on fast shipping their products, while others will have a better item return policy for instance.

With that being said, it seems that everyone who is confused about what is web hosting now has a better and fuller understanding of what web hosting really is. Setting their needs clear and then looking for a company that can offer them exactly what they are looking for should fix their dilemma over this service and provide them the support they need.

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