Thursday, 10 January 2013

Choosing the Best Web Hosting and How to Make Sure that They Are Reliable

When people have online business or they want to introduce their business to the online world, it is natural that they will choose the best web hosting that they can think of. However, the selection process can be tricky and difficult as there are so many providers out there; eager to provide their service and expertise in helping business people start up their online implementation. Not all providers are truly reliable and good, of course, so what should business people do when they want to choose the most reliable service provider to help them build online business?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

When selecting web hosting services for a brand new website, you can choose either Linux or Windows hosting. Long ago, there were big differences between the two. But currently, Linux is becoming more user friendly and several companies provide graphical control panels for the Linux systems, just like the Windows systems. Quite a number of Windows desktop users go for the Windows hosting choice since they are more familiar with it. Here is a detailed comparison between Linux hosting vs windows hosting.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

10 Reasons To Consider Before Changing Web Hosting Providers

The first time a webmasters choose a web hosting provider for their websites, they might have seen a certain set of merits lined up for them. This may be the case throughout the time of hosting, but suddenly a change comes up. You see a company that can host you with better terms of service and higher quality too. You then get into the dilemma of having to decide between your current host and the potential one. Be advised that making rushed changes in your web host is not wise. There are things that may be left unattended to and bring you more harm than joy in the end. Note the following points which will help you before taking that crucial decision: