Friday, 4 January 2013

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

When selecting web hosting services for a brand new website, you can choose either Linux or Windows hosting. Long ago, there were big differences between the two. But currently, Linux is becoming more user friendly and several companies provide graphical control panels for the Linux systems, just like the Windows systems. Quite a number of Windows desktop users go for the Windows hosting choice since they are more familiar with it. Here is a detailed comparison between Linux hosting vs windows hosting.

Server Access:
The methods you'll possibly employ in accessing the account are control panel and FTP, and both Windows and Linux hosting support them. Between these two servers, there exist certain FTP commands which are a little different and are usually designed for a given system. The differences are not that much but know that FTP command typing into a wrong system will result in the appearance of an error message. Generally, whether accessing via FTP or control panel, both systems are comparable.

Windows and Linux have developers working to enhance security, hence the differences that exist between them with regard to security will be small. In case security is a big issue, worry less whether the server is Windows or Linux and more about the hosting company you use. Look for a hosting company, which has skilled staff and is also reputable for consistency in security and choose the server which they recommend for all your needs.

Writing the pages:
 Linux and Windows servers will serve both JavaScript and HTML pages. In many cases, Linux servers employ the use of files called *.html and Windows servers employ the use of files called *.htm, however there is no big variation between the names. In case there is a preference, choose Windows or Linux server that will best suit all your needs.

The actual variation between these two systems is in scripting languages which Linux and Windows use in the production of webpage. PHP scripting seems to be mostly found on the Linux systems, and ASP scripting on Windows. While Perl and CGI access are usually found on both Linux and Windows servers, it's most often found on Linux. Generally you should select Linux Hosting account in case you plan to use Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, or CGI scripting. Or, maybe select Windows Hosting account in case you intend to use ASP.NET, ASP or ASP.NET 2.0.

The two most common databases are Access and MySQL. The latter runs on both Windows and Linux, but is more related to Linux servers since these servers use them more often. Meanwhile, Access Windows product is only found for Windows. Check the different available databases, and if you think Access is the appropriate database then go for Windows. However, both Windows and Linux hosting do provide comparable database products.

Unless you intend to use a particular Windows proprietary technology, the option between Linux and Windows web hosting is generally personal. Every operating system has a set of disadvantages and advantages, but generally, the difference between Linux hosting vs windows hosting is not much from a user's perspective.

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