Friday, 15 February 2013

Constant Contact Review

The highlights of this ConstantContact review are that the things making it the best email marketing software out there include the following. You get a free trial period, personalized email templates, reliable customer support and hosting for multimedia content. These advantages are available on all product types offered by the company.

Main product features

The website provides four kinds of services. The first services allows you to use email marketing as a way of bring growth to your business. This takes care of client targeting and conversion.

The second service is for creating awareness on new and existing products. You can use the service to do a promotion or have it as a registration utility. Your participants will be able to pay and RSVP as well as have different preferences as set by you. Lastly, you will be able to track every detail about the online event and generate reports.

The Social Campaigns product does what the name suggests. It lets you do promotional marketing events on social network sites that will let you attract more fans and convert them into clients. Here, things like coupons, exclusive content, sweepstakes and e-commerce integrate.

To expand your reach further, around your geographical area, provides SaveLocal that lets you create and share local deals. These deals appeal to customers within a particular locality as a way to reward loyal customers and grow the business brand. also provides the traditional survey services that allow your business to get valuable market research.

Advantages of using ConstantContact

You will find a large selection of well-designed templates for all kinds of campaigns within all product segments. The templates are easy to manipulate to create a unique outlook that corresponds to your message. They allow the inclusion of payment options, social sharing options, multimedia, and links to documents, surveys and polls. The WYSIWYG editor provides a drag and drop feature that is easy to use.

The reporting features are comprehensive. You can track the bounce rate, opt-out rate, complaints, forwards, page views, shares, and other social milestones relevant to a particular outreach message.

The interface of the service is standardized. It is very unlikely that any user will find it hard to use. In case you run into usability problems, the company provides several helpful options. You can go through FAQs, the user manual, or use forums. A blog also helps as customer support. Before starting, there are recorded demos that take you through the whole process and if you still need help, then you can contact the live tech support who will be able to guide you through all steps.

After the trial period, minimum pricing starts at $15 monthly. The service integrates with outlook allowing you to import contacts. It also lets you import details from QuickBooks.

Review Summary

Based on this ConstantContact review, you can conclude that the service is easy to use. Its inclusion of a large template collection of templates and a customer service that is above par make it an excellent choice for your business marketing though email and social campaigns.

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