Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ereleases Review

An effective press release can do wonders for your business. A marketing tool when not used well can drain your resources without as much as generating a buzz. It can be the most effective marketing tool if and only if it reaches the right people at the right time. You need the right words and find the right distribution channel to be heard.

There are many companies offering press release distribution services. You should select services of a company that has a good network of journalists.

eReleases is one of the very few companies in the business that offers a very high level of customer service. They do things a little differently from the other press release distribution service companies.

Ereleases review- How do they work?

When you sign up for a press release, you have the guarantee of the release being distributed. The press releases are not done randomly to news media and journalists. They send your press release to journalists who are expecting the kind of news and is industry specific. They send your press releases directly to journalists who have subscribed for it. They also post on websites which makes the news available to search engines and social media. The most important method of their distribution is through major newswire of press releases like PR Newswire. They have a good network of services with more than 100,000 journalists on their distribution list.

Proof of Distribution

The company also provides you a proof of the distribution of the press release through WireWatch Report. This report is a complimentary service that contains between twenty and forty links of your press release on various websites. Beside other websites, all of the press releases appear on Google Web, Google News, PR Newswire, Yahoo! News and Bing.


The company offers three packages for their customers. The packages range from $299 to $499. The number of words per release, number of industry targeted and the minimum number of media websites where your press release will be posted varies in each of the packages.

Writing Services

Along with distribution of the press release, the company also offers writing of the press release at an additional cost. They have a team of seasoned writers proficient who are excellent at writing the press release that will generate results. If you do not have professionals in your company to write your press releases, it might be a good idea to use a professional's services. The news maybe worth a million bucks but if your words are not right, it might not generate a penny's worth of buzz.

This company might not be the most popular but it definitely is one with the most satisfied customers. It has generated the promised traffic for its clients. Upon seeing the ereleases review from its customers, the company's services are found to be par excellence. Customers claim of the best rakings for their books on Amazon, increased sales for their products, a chance to feature on various channels and being mentioned on well-known blogs amongst many other after their press release. eReleases is the best bet in the field and a highly recommended one.