Friday, 15 February 2013

GetResponse Review

GetResponse is one of the coolest sites to use in today's generatiom if you want a top notch quality autoresponder. This autoresponder is amazingly easy and fun to use, not to mention is completely free for your first 30 days. In this article, you are going to read through an honest GetResponse review to show you if you feel this autoresponder is right for you.

What is GetResponse?

This site is actually an email marketing software that is actually an autoresponder. The truth is that most email marketing softwares are not all that nice, but GetResponse is very professional with a ton of features. If you want to build a really big list, then you must use GetResponse. It is amazingly easy to use their program even if you have the smallest of experience in terms of technical experience.

What are the features of GetResponse?

- Free landing page builder

If you look at their latest updates, the coolest new additional feature is the FREE landing pages that you can build. You do not need your own site to do this. Now you can create really good pages for those who sign up to your list. The langing page builder only needs for you to drag and drop elements one by one, and you will frind that this is amazingly easy to use. This is one great feature that many people who do not have a website as of now will enjoy.

- Low spam rate

You will find that their emails are amazing at being delivered. A low spam rate is very obvious to receive since their programs are really good at delivering emails. Most people who struggle with this aspect will find GetResponse to be very reliable in terms of getting their emails to their subscribers.

- Ease of Scheduling

You will find that the scheduling is very easy to do. GetResponse is wonderful to use since the use of the autoresponder is easy, simple, and can be learnt by anybody who is willing to follow some of their basic tutorials. Autoresponders who want to save a lot of time will benefit a lot from this if you want to set up your email marketing schedule just once.

Benefits of GetResponse

The ultimate benefit is being able to get 30 day free trial without having to use your credit card information. If you do not want to spend a lot of your money feeling doubtful on whether the company is worth it or not, these free 30 days is worth it. Another benefit is the ease of using their landing pages, creating quality emails with completly new graphics, and a lot of their other new additional features that are quite helpful and fun to use. The site uses an interface that many technically challenged people can easily understand.

Did you enjoy this GetResponse review? Hopefully this review gives you some knowledge on the idea behind this site. The ultimate best part about GetResponse is the amount of cool new features they are always adding. If you want to build a successful email marketing campaign, make GetResponse your official main software.

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