Friday, 15 February 2013

IContact Review

Most individuals come across iContact review while looking for newsletter and email marketing management programs to choose from. The main goal of iContact is incorporating some of the most sophisticated features into affordable, easy to use and simple package. While many programs seek to accomplish such a balance, the company does it excellently. iContact is able to accomplish this courtesy of their grand user interface allowing new email marketers to start their trade with the most basic features, while experienced marketers now have a simple way of doing their business. This is why iContact has been able to create a successful product with customers now beyond 50,000.

Basic Features:
A number of basic features that any iContact review indicates include the ability of the company to help newbies in email marketing to get into the industry much faster. Firstly, it is inexpensive at only $10 every month to begin. The 300 and over email templates professionally designed makes sure emails are expertly done and look as professional as possible. You can also schedule messages for future distribution to saving time. The system that iContact has makes sure no emails ends up as spam and receivers always get their emails. Users are assured of newsletters delivery to the right subscribers since tracking what they do with the emails is done for them. Distribution of surveys is much easier including RSVP event tracking.

Advanced Features:
iContact provides professionals in email marketing and all they require in the management of bulk lists of emails. The company helps in quick segmenting of email lists through customization of distinct subscribers who access specific emails. Autoresponders are created to aid in automation of email campaigns while at the same time maintaining detailed subscriber history actions to aid in campaign customization. The framework provided by iContact allows designing and upload of personal email templates. Users of the platform also have access to huge numbers of unlimited email lists.

The iContact Message Builder:

There is a message builder provided by iContact that makes sure even those who may not have any knowledge in HTML design or coding still can come up with messages visually appealing to people through drag and drop of content into email templates. The user only needs to select the template to use from the template library of the message builder and then do all the customizations on it, changing the colors, images, links and text. Features of drop and drag blocks helps the user to create professional newsletter or email designs in a simple way by switching the images and text blocks positions to come up with custom appearances.

iContact Message Coder:
Those with coding experience have a wonderful chance to use the message coder by iContact to code HTML emails and newsletters right from start or make use of personal HTML templates. After creating templates within the message coder, editing tools are used to preview message and to custom the color swatches making sure everything is in the right place. The message coder has table controls making insertions of tables easier while ensuring columns and row properties are spaced accurately.

If past email campaigns have been blocked or undelivered due to SPAM filters, iContact's success rate in email delivery is quite high if they are composed through their services, something you will surely benefit from.

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