Sunday, 17 February 2013

PRWeb Review

Optimizing your website means gaining quality backlinks for most webmasters. They shall backlink their website from a variety of platforms like web2.0s, article directories, web directories, social bookmarks, social media websites, blogs and even those notorious profile backlinks. But most webmasters ignore press releases as a quality backlink source. Seldom do people understand that press releases form the tip of the marketing strategy of most firms. Most firms even have dedicated press release departments to take care of the same. Webmasters ought to use press releases in their optimization strategy. After all a contextual link is a quality backlink.

PRWeb Review - The Inside Truth

The first and last word when it comes to press release is PR Web. It comes highly recommended by their past clients. Run a query in Google for prweb review, and you shall be flooded with 5 star ratings and satisfied customers. And as a long time user of their services, I suggest you dont look elsewhere. I have spend thousands of dollars into their services, and I'm pleased with what they have offered me. I first came in touch with PR Web through various international conferences like PubCon. During that time, they also offered free webinars to help one get associated with their services. They still do. That is one thing that all professional services do have in common.

Pricing And Packaging

They have four main packages - the Standard Visibility package priced at $80, the Social Media Visibility package priced at $140, the SEO Visibility package priced at $200, and the Media Visibility package priced at $360. Though it may look expensive to an untrained eye, their packages are worth every ounce of their prices. Most firms head over directly to the Media Visibility package without second thoughts. Because once a user of PR Web, they shall be a life long member.

Its not your traditional press release firm. They have access to more than 40000 organizations, ranging from small scale businesses to even Forbes 500 companies. They have more than 250000 readers, and the count is increasing each day. Your press release shall be submitted to more than 30000 websites, and over 80000 bloggers. They shall also be submitted to prominent dailies like the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Chances are that your press release shall be seen by atleast 1 million human readers. If you need the maximum exposure for your press release, there is no better service than the PR Web.

Your press release shall also be hosted on the PR Web website, gaining you a quality backlink in return. It shall be crawled by the search engine bots, boosting your rankings in the near future. They often tend to get ranked high in Google. To spice it up, they even offer submitting to various social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. It can make your content go viral, and bring in a surge of traffic. They even provide press release writing services at cheap rates. Their data reporting analytics is second to none. They provides us with more exposure and traffic than any other press release services. If you are searching for an alternative to PR Web, let the harsh truth sink into you. PR Web is without an alternative !