Monday, 18 February 2013

Tips That Will Take Your Web Hosting To The Next Level

Running a website does not merely rely on content and design. Just as important is the web hosting service you get to run your site. No matter how well you write your articles or provide interesting materials for your readers, you will lose your followers if your site is always down, laden with virus, or simply loading very slow. Here are some useful tips for you when choosing a web host to make your site as dynamic as your business and achieve great leaps of success.

1. Domain Name Registration

Before comparing web hosting companies' features, you should first get a domain name for your site and it is advisable that you do not register this with the web hosting company. This is very important if you want to keep your identity indefinitely. If a hosting company shuts down, you will lose your name too so it is better to use a reliable domain registrar.

2. Good Communication

When reading reviews, look for a hosting company that keeps their clients informed with updates, news, and maintenance schedules. This shows that they value their customers and continually want to improve their service.

3. Scalability

You may not need a lot of storage space when starting out so it is fine to choose an inexpensive web hosting companyto meet your storage requirement. However, it is important that your hosting company is ready to grow with you. Once you need the extra storage, they should be ready to provide that.

4. Backup Features

Backing up your settings and content cannot be emphasized enough to keep your files safe if any undesirable thing happens to your site. Find a hosting company that offers backup tools so that you can regularly place everything in a safe vault.

5. Downtimes

It is normal for hosting companies to schedule downtimes for maintenance purposes. However, if this happens often, without notifying you and during peak hours, then it shows that there is something wrong with their systems and it may be time to find another host.

6. Freedom to End a Contract

If you are not satisfied with your hosting company, you should be free to cancel your subscription and be refunded for any unused time.

7. Security

Be clear about a hosting company's security features. Virus can shut down your site and make you look bad to search engine companies. Insufficient security can also make your site vulnerable to hackers. This is sometimes the disadvantage of inexpensive web hosting since you have to share servers with other users. If you are serious about your business, it is better to get a private server.

8. Define Unlimited Service

Some hosting companies will boast of unlimited service or storage and surprise you with restrictions on certain file types. If you want your website to be dynamic, you should be able to upload files of different formats so find a host that can fulfill this.

9. Friendly User Interface

This is very important to those who are not technically adept at managing a website. An easy to use interface will allow beginners to successfully run a website with provided templates for easy formatting and designing.

10. Traffic Statistics

Your hosting company should provide this great tool. If you can track down the trend of your traffic statistics, you can easily employ measures to address problems or improve your status.