Saturday, 16 February 2013

Vertical Response Review

History of the Company
Vertical Response appeared on the scene in 2001. During the time they have been in business they have managed to build a very good reputation. One of the things that make the company stand out is their excellent customer service. The many high quality tools and features that come with the services the company provides has served their customers' needs very well and contributed greatly to Vertical Response's grand success. Customers are able to get many of their email marketing tasks done easily, such as manage newsletters, contact customers, and work to increase conversion rates.

Benefits of Being a Vertical Response Customer
The biggest advantage of using the services at Vertical Response is the ability to create and send attractive newsletters. Unlike many other services, the company grants users 25MB of storage space for images. This is much more storage than any of their competitors. The created newsletters are archived for free, which proves to be very helpful both for record keeping and providing new customers with information.

Managing a list through Vertical Response is easy. List segmentation is supported by the platform. This means that customers get to sort their subscribers into subgroups and send different information to each of the subgroups to make mailings more effective and profitable. Supporting the list segmentation ability is the real-time statistics and reporting. This helps Vertical Response customers learn the effectiveness of their strategies and tweak them to perfection.

A great feature of the service is the social media dashboard. This allows users to schedule posts to social sites like Facebook and Twitter for an entire month. Many customers enjoy this feature because it helps them save a lot of time. They also like the fact that the company offers a direct mailing offer where they can send those on their list a postcard at a rate of $0.75 apiece.

Complaints About Vertical Response
Customers are very happy with the services and the company, but there are a few areas where they could see some improvement. They have been waiting for sequential autoresponder functionality, but it has yet to arrive. Also, Vertical Response would do well to give users a spam score, so they know for sure that their mailings arrive.

Vertical Response is a great company for email marketing solutions. Non-profit organizations get to use the services for free. Users can create some very nice newsletters through the system and handle social media marketing with ease. The company also has been promising some additional features that customers should be on the lookout for. If any part of your business calls for email marketing, then you should give this company a try.

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