Friday, 29 March 2013

Benefits of Using Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting has gained wide spread popularity in the past few years. A data center consumes lots of energy and a standard web server has exactly the same footprint as a big truck, or SUV. Now large number of companies are turning green and reducing their carbon footprints and use less energy. The positive environmental impact is the biggest benefit of choosing a green webhosting company.

How does green hosting work?

Green hosting uses green technologies for reducing the environmental impact. Web hosting companies go green by virtualizing all their servers, implementing automated billing engines for minimizing the paper work, upgrading energy guzzling servers with new energy efficient servers. Green webhost works exactly like the traditional web hosting, but the electricity used for powering the servers is obtained from eco-friendly energy sources.

Internet connections, cooling systems and electronic security systems all use large amount of energy. Some green website hosting companies are using wind and solar energy to power and cool their web servers. Many small hosting companies that do not have requisite financial resources to set up their own eco-friendly power generation plants turn to supplied energy, or Renewable Energy Certificates.

The benefits of green web hosting

Most of the eco-friendly web servers and data centers are small in size, but offer high memory and bandwidth. Aside from being an eco-friendly option, green webhosting is also an affordable option. The companies offering these services are established by industry leaders who have access to technologies for managing datacenter using eco-friendly sources of energy.

Most of the green hosting plans offer lots of useful features such as:

* Unlimited email accounts
* Energy efficient infrastructure
* Unlimited web space
* Free domain name for life
* Free website templates
* Automated backups
* Free marketing credits
* One click script installs
* Free site builder
* Award winning control panel

Using green hosting, you can enjoy all the advantages offered by traditional hosting services in a much eco-friendly and economical way. In fact, you can get many discount packages from some green web hosts. Many companies also offer discount packages to non-profit organizations for encouraging the use of renewable and eco-friendly energy sources. If you are a individual or business, choosing green website hosting is the best way to demonstrate your responsibility in reducing your carbon footprint. If you are a company, it can help you in building your company image and customer loyalty.

* Planting Trees

Some green providers offer some packages wherein they will invest in planting trees so that they can combat the impact of toxic emissions. Using such a web hosting service will not only ensure high quality service but you will do your part for saving our Earth.

* Recycling

With growing awareness now many companies recycle used goods, but green web hosting providers take this to heart and most of them operate paperless office. They also recycle office waste in a responsible way.

With more and more companies now switching to green technologies, recycling, and planting more trees from the their own resources, we are all trying to make this planet a healthy and better place to live. Needless to say, green webhosting benefits the planet and customers more than anything else.