Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting - Which one is The Best?


New webmasters are usually faced with a plethora of challenges including the inability to choose the best web host that offers the expected variety of web hosting packages. Web hosts give you packages based on the operating system used to run its server. Linux and windows have emerged as the most popular operating systems in recent years. It is important to note that Linux OS has become friendlier in the recent years by offering graphical control panels similar to windows operating systems. Majority of people choose Windows web hosting system because they are more familiar with it.

Linux vs. windows web hosting-which one is the best? This question is quite difficult to answer given that the choice is made based on the following ideas.

1. Expenditure
Expenditure is a very important consideration because the cheapest web host makes it easier for businesses to minimize its running expenses. Linux is an open source and is free to download and use while Windows is proprietary hence the hosting company must pay for the operating system. Linux web hosting can be the best option given that Windows web hosting is very expensive to run. However, it is worth mentioning that both Windows and Linux web hosting have comparable pricing structures depending on third party web hosting.
You can use the cheapest option, Linux web hosting, if you are not comfortable with new technologies associated with the expensive Windows web hosting.

2. How you access your account
The manner in which you access your account is a vital feature to put into consideration while making a choice between Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. Account access is provided by a control panel or through a FTP session for both Linux and Windows servers. A control panel or Graphical user interface (GUI) provides minimal interference in accessing the server irrespective of the server's operation system. It is suitable for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

3. Technologies Supported
Linux and Windows systems do not support exactly the same packages of new technologies. Technologies like PHP and MySQL are supported by both Windows and Linux web hosting packages. Also, they support other open web source development technologies. However, ASP, Net environment, MSSQL and front page are not supported by Linux. In this case, you will require Windows web hosting if your website relies on Microsoft's proprietary technology.

4. Up time
Up time refers to the amount of time the operating system remains in production without the need for a reboot. Majority of tasks that Windows run require a reboot. On the contrary, such tasks can run with Linux without needing a reboot. It is for this reason that Linux is famous for having a very long up time compared to Windows. Windows remain vulnerable to attacks during its down time and therefore if you are concerned about this downtime problem, choose Linux web hosts. However, this concern has not deterred reputable Windows hosting companies from offering web services to its clients.

Linux vs. Windows web hosting choice can only be made based on personal reasons, especially if you are looking from a specific Windows proprietary technology. Linux and Windows web hosting have their own sets of merits and demerits hence creating a slim margin between the two. Nevertheless, you can choose the web host whose operating system makes you feel comfortable.