Thursday, 28 March 2013

What is a Dedicated Server?

When a site owner wants to deploy a new site on the Internet, they will need a specific place to store their website and its information. The place (or space) that the site owner needs is called a server.
Servers are available in at least two forms, and they are known as a dedicated server and a shared server. The type that is chosen is based on the site owner's needs, the amount of money that they are willing to pay for the space and the level of security required. Many people may think of these dealings as renting a place to store items.
Choosing between the two options, a dedicated server and a shared server may be difficult for the site
owner until they learn what is involved and the differences between the two. Which means, to grasp what a dedicated server is, the site owner must also understand what a shared server is as well. Listed below are the differences between each.

How many Clients on Each Server

Shared Server

When a site owner is on a shared server, they can expect to share their space with one or more site owners. Which means, these clients (or roommates) may have to share all of the resources included on the server equally. The amount of space shared, however, will depend on how much space has been purchased by each individual site owner. For instance, one of the site owners may pay for 2/3rds of the space, while the other two site owners may split the remaining 1/3rd. One reason for this big difference is the cost associated with renting the space. Consequently, some sites owners are prepared to pay more each month than others.

Dedicated Server

With a dedicated server, the site owner does not have to share their space with any other client, since the server is dedicated to their needs only. Which means, all of the space that is available is for their use. Consequently, the site owner may have more than one site that they want to store on the server that they are paying for.

Differences in Costs

When a site owner has a site that has a lot of activity, they often prefer paying for a dedicated server, especially if they can afford the monthly payments. Even though the dedicated server is preferred to a shared server by many, some site owner can only afford to pay for a shared server, since the cost of these servers are normally less costly. The cost, however, can vary from one server hosting company to another. Therefore, before the site owner chooses a shared server, they may want to shop around for a dedicated server that has an affordable price.

Level of Security Differences

In addition to occupying more space on a dedicated server, these owners can also benefit from a higher level of security. This is because the site owner does not have to worry about others on the server having access to their data. This statement, however, is not true for the shared server because more than one site owner has access to the information.