Saturday, 30 March 2013

Why You Need to Combine Your Web Design Business with Web Hosting Services

If you run a web design business, then you probably know how the industry is on demand. Many clients seek the services on a daily basis owing to many opportunities available over the internet. Even so, you need to consider combining your business with web hosting services. Doing so will enable you to make a lot of profits, not to mention that it can guarantee you constant clients. The reason this is so is because most aspiring online clients are first concerned with setting up the website, and not web hosting services. In fact, some of them are not even aware that web hosting services facilitate the functionality of their websites.

If therefore you offer website designing services plus web hosting services, you are better positioned to capture those clients that have not yet identified a web host. You can do this easily by mentioning to them about additional services needed for full functionality of their website. You will be surprised at how fast they are willing to embrace your web hosting services. The reason for this is simple - many people need a central place they can go to get full services regarding their websites. Within no time, you will find that a few more dollars are added to your account each month. If you manage to source for more clients, you will get a lot of returns.

To start you off though, you need to do the basics. This means that you need to get a reseller website hosting account. This account will enable you to host all your clients websites without interruption. While it costs you to acquire one, the benefits you get from it are appealing. For instance, you can easily get $50 per month from each of the website hosted in this account. As you grow in this industry, many clients are going to use your host. Therefore, the income realized will be much greater.

In order to get the best out of web hosting services though, you need to keep each client's site on separate pools. On the same line, ensure to assign different application settings to different sites, and keep them in different log files. This will reduce serial multiplication of a problem if one ever get busy, or develops any other problem. This also helps you to sort out the problem for your clients quickly.
The good thing about reseller web hosting account is the fact that it is cheap and reasonable. In fact, there are different packages tailored to suit your desires and abilities. For instance, if you have a small client base, there are packages that can be purchased at lower prices. Because of this, you stand no chance of making loses.

Another advantage of embracing reseller web hosting account is the fact that you do not have to undergo the billing stress, system support, hosting plans and such like problems. All you need is just purchase one of the reseller website hosting packages, and your bank account can start expanding each month.
Web design services are one of the most sought after services. But do not be limited to them alone, although you should not loose your focus either. What you should do is let your web design business market your web hosting services. After that, build a client base over time that will make an impact not only in your generation but even many more to come.