Monday, 1 April 2013

Fundamental Components of a Digital Marketing Startegy

An effective digital marketing strategy is extremely vital for those developing business ventures and even for those successfully established ones. But as the digital marketing mechanism becomes more complex, ways to become more profitable are even made harder among marketers. Nowadays, social networking media remain as the mainstream of digital channels. Valuable contents on the other hand continue to be the fuel of digital marketing. Aside from the complexity in online marketing proliferation, buyers are becoming more sophisticated than ever that they would research online before purchasing a certain product or any services.
There is no other perfect time to evaluate your digital marketing platform but on your seat right now.
This can be achieved by discussing the main critical components of your digital marketing tactics and how these components can work together.

Plan, Audience and Connection
These three are the basic fundamental components of an online marketing strategy. Planning includes setting up the objectives and trying to figure out how to attain those objectives. Being successful in business is not a "come what may" drama. Everything must be planned ahead of time and every decision must be thoroughly well thought of.
It is also important to target as many types of consumers possible, but it is also essential to focus on the target market. Gender and age are just a few factors that may be considered when choosing a target audience. Conversely, those factors are now easily disregarded to cater wider range of audience.
Building connection is very essential to a successful digital marketing campaign. Through social networking media, it is now fairly easy to build a vast amount of connection around the world. But what matters most is how to keep those connections on; the key is active relationship.

Digital Marketing Media: Earned, Paid and Owned

A number of effective digital marketing media can be very essential to a certain business. It is strongly advisable to take advantage over the benefits of online marketing media. The more integration with these media will most likely make any ventures successful.
There are three types of media used in digital marketing: earned, paid and owned. Earned media are basically used to generate traffic. Driving traffic is usually done through content marketing, social networking and search engine optimization. Paid media are the opposites of earned media. These are also called paid advertisements. Although earned media are a lot more practical, paid media are still important as their platforms are the fastest way to promote a business. Owned media are however the most effective. Earned and paid media can only drive potential customers but not those customers who have any intentions to purchase products or services.

Types of Contents: Dedicated, Supplemental and Social
Dedicated contents are contents placed among other websites to promote a certain business or company. These contents are those SEO optimized with appropriate keywords in them. Supplemental contents are the main contents of a website. They are made not to necessarily promote a business like dedicated contents do, but rather provide relevant information with regards to customers' inquiries. Social contents are simply those contents posted among popular social networking sites.

Those are the essential components that should be evaluated to determine whether a digital marketing strategy is effective or not at all.