Thursday, 11 April 2013

How Does Posting Fresh Content Help SEO?

Every internet user would agree that content is the main ingredient on every website that attracts more visitors. In the recent past, several techniques that include blogging have been used by a number of e-commerce websites to add more content. However, freshness is becoming increasingly important aspect that search engines, especially Google, look into when ranking websites on their search page results. For instance, after the Google penguin and panda updates, Google rolled out an official freshness update about two years ago which has tremendously increased the amount of fresh content for specific queries.

How does posting fresh content help SEO? Actually, if you want to compete at the top of the search engine rankings, then you should consistently produce relevant high quality fresh content. If this not enough reason for you, then here are some of the ways in which posting fresh content can help your site earn higher search engine rankings.

1. Search engines always love fresh and unique content

You can only win the content game of search engines if you produce fresh content on a regular basis. Naturally, search engines rank websites based on content related with new upcoming events and topics, especially articles that talk about the themes audience find relevant and interesting. Short and sweet is the best way to go if you find yourself struggling so hard to come up with new content. Therefore, creating content that is short and to the point will help you keep on top of your schedule of sharing more informative and useful content with your audience.

2. More fresh content translates to more keywords

You present more opportunities for high ranking keywords when you post more new content on a regular basis. This means that by adding more fresh relevant content to your site, you introduce keywords that search engines like to rank higher. Search engines scan for such keywords on your website and may deem your content relevant to the search results for the keyword term requested. You should therefore be mindful of the keywords you use while creating fresh content because search engines will know when you are not.

3. Not just fresh content but fresh relevant content

It is quite vital to point out that search engines are not only looking for fresh content but also fresh relevant content. This means that it is pointless to add fresh irrelevant content to your website just for the sake of it. Google is slapping sites with duplicate and irrelevant content. Search engines identify relevant fresh content by identifying a common theme through your website. For instance, you shouldn't stray off the topic and talk about your favorite pet on a website for a car yard.

4. Regular indexing

This is one of the most important reasons why you should post fresh content on your website. Adding fresh content is one way of letting search engines crawl back again and again and index your site. This means that if you create a post on your blog section, search engines crawl back to your site and index that post. On the other hand, if the search engines sees no new content on your site, they will crawl back less often because there is nothing new to index. The absence of fresh content on your website completely decreases the frequency of search engine visits to zero in some worst case scenario and thereby your search engine rankings.