Friday, 24 May 2013

Google Authorship Markup - How to get your picture in search results.

Have you ever wondered why some people's faces show up in your search results? Do you wonder how they do it? They simply do it by connecting and then linking the Google Authorship Markup to any of their links. It is called a rich snippet. Author markups make it possible for the author of a webpage to connect their content to their Google+ page.

The content you will write will show your picture in the search results. This enables your content to attract
more readers by attracting traffic to your content. If you are selling things on the internet, you are sure to make more sales.

 Implementing Authorship Markup and Setting it up is very simple.

You will need to connect your Google+ profile with your blog.
If you do not have a Google+ profile, you can create one very easily. Upload a really good photo of yourself to your Google+ profile

You need to have a byline for every page of the articles.
Then you have to verify your email address. Google just wants to make sure that the address you provided is legit. Ensure that the email address you are using has the same domain as your blog's domain.
Connect your content. Make sure you fill out the 'Contributor to' section of your profile on Google+. Then add a link to your blog.
You can use the Rich snippet Testing Tool to ensure that you are verified and to see how you will appear in the search results.

It takes about two weeks for your results to start showing with your photo on the search engines. It is good to be patient. You just need to make sure that you were verified.

What are the benefits of using author mark ups?

Highlighting your listing- It makes your link stand out.
It increases your exposure- The name you use is hyper linked with your profile; so if people like the article you have written, they are able to access your profile on Google+.

Everyone can see your content- Even users who are not logged on to their accounts on Google or on social media will see the rich author information with your photo.
They provide credibility- Information for the rich snippets is usually retrieved from verified Google+ profiles.
It beats plagiarism- With the Google authorship markup, you as the author will be at the top of the search results before all other content scrappers.

It lifts the writer's role- As you create a good reputation in different categories, your content will always follow you around. Businesses will recognize your value as a good writer.
It keeps people from stealing your name- The authorship markup will defeat the challenge that could occur when you share the same name with another writer. If two names that are similar appear in the search results, yours with the authorship mark up will be more credible.

With these few pointers, you can now see the need to have the authorship mark in your blogs.