Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What SEO strategies are still valid in 2013?

Strategies are the best way to succeed in any type of online marketing. No matter how difficult and crowded your niche is, your strategy will still decide how your website will perform in search engines. Also, the success of a website in its market industry will depend on how well and advanced the SEO strategies of a website master to help a website standout in the modern way of marketing.

In the modern way of internet marketing, a lot of marketing methods that were developed but did not last long due to manipulative approach to increase a website ranking that had been forced to ignore by many SEOs and link builders due to negative effects it can cause. As a result, another much effective approach that have been improved and started to keep in practice by many SEO pros to make their website rank better in search engines in an ethical manner and these are:

Personal branding through content - In the modern way of internet marketing, content is the most effective way to give out information to our target readers. The more informative and detailed content is, there more attention it will receive from your target audience. However, in order to establish a personal brand in your niche, you must learn how to identify what your readers are looking for.

By giving them what they need, you will be able to get their attention and you can become an influencer in your topic area. Just keep in mind that you just only need to focus on the topics that are related to your niche and provide content in a regular basis to keep your readers visit your website.

Personal branding through communities - Content alone can’t succeed without the help of active groups and communities that are related to your niche. The essential key to succeed in this method is to let your target audience know your existence by providing them comprehensive content, actionable and evergreen.

By being an active and regular member of several groups in your niche, you can earn a good reputation and presence that will help your personal branding to be more developed. Also, you can drive attention of your fellow members to any of your focused topic content to share more of your written content with them which could help you establish more reputation.

Local citation - Last but not the least, local promotion is where a business always starts before it sets out to much wider competition. Promoting your website in a local based business directory is actually will help you gain more online exposure. Also, you can get more valid traffic audience from business directory sites as these are improved directory listing such as phone directory and it is for sure that whoever visits your website from your listing, is actually looking for something that your business has.

You can establish your own brand on business listing sites if you can promote your listing to your clients whether in a form of email, social share, article mention or even shown on your homepage. Once your clients are satisfied with your services, good results will follow such as writing reviews freely on your listing profile, promoting your listing profile for free on their social media accounts.

Having different styles and approach on internet marketing is a good way of promoting a business online. The more the better as they say but it always has to be ethical in a way of providing what your target audience are looking for and will need in the future to build trust and reputation that is really hard to gain and maintain for a longer period of time.