Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Social Media Monitoring Tools Comparison Guide

The online arena is equipped with lots of social media monitoring tools that would allow you to stay connected and create awareness for your brand through social media channels. You will be surprised to know that there are many monitoring tools that have advanced features. With their help, you can handle the multiple aspects of your business, such as campaign measurement, market analysis or research, product
development, public outreach and customer support. But first of all, you need to know about the tools, right? So, here is the social media monitoring tools comparison guide to help you choose the best one available in the market.


This social media monitoring tool understands the requirements of various businesses that solely depend on their ROI. This tool makes use of advanced technology so that your business can flourish through social media. Be it real time search results or text analytic to in depth sentiment evaluation, this tool is the ultimate solution. The monitoring application of Sysomos is the best one in the industry and this has made it to grab a top place among the rest. With its exceptional features, ease of use and support, you really can't give it a miss.


This tool was in a top position last year and this year it is featured in the second. This tool allows you to navigate successfully through various social media channels which is usually a tedious task. With a simple key phrase, you can gain lots of information that allows you to analyze each and every detail of information. You can also get an insight about the performance of your brand in the market easily. With the help of this, you can completely analyze prospective customers and make small changes in your products or services to satisfy them.


The work flow manager of Lithium allows your team mates to have great control over the interaction with customers as well as sentiment analysis. As a business owner, you need to attract the people towards your brand and know their opinions regarding your products. Opt for this tool to filter the spams and select the finest strategy to attract lots of customers.

Collective intellect:

This heavy hitting technology of collective intellect enables you to collect, analyze, filter, clean, search, produce and scrutinize the robust reports. The Boolean advanced mathematical algorithm feature of this monitoring tool allows you to get more quantifiable medium of text so that the data extraction process becomes much easier. Do you need detailed information on the explicit elements that is a mixture of positive, negative and neutral elements? Yes! Then this tool is the perfect.

Alterian SM2:

The outstanding services of documentation support and Alterian tool need a special mention. This tool incorporates special features, such as multi language data collection, sentiment analysis and translation services apart from social media services. You can easily avail sentimental analysis in 20 different languages. Above all, you can translate all the details to the language of your choice. Just superb, isn't it?


This social media tool includes live chat support, well streamlined dashboard, regular updates on Facebook and Twitter. There is no need to say that all these will help you stay connected with your customers. Whether you have a small scale business or a medium one, this is undoubtedly one of the best tools.

Viral heat:

If you are looking for an unsurpassed service that will offer real time reports along with excellent technology, just go for it. It will help you create a database for your sales. You can keep a track of various keywords and get data corresponding to it. With its impressive aggregate location tool, you can pull the ideal data from your desired location. In addition to this, you can choose a location at any corner of the world and get its complete details.

Brand watch:

It is obvious that you get lots of fluff stuff and irrelevant data from which you need to discover the original data. This work is quite tedious, right? Don't worry anymore! This tool has advanced sentiment technology and optimum service to recover the significant information. It also provides an easy to use workspace that will enable you to edit, manage and organize various keywords or phrases associated with your business. In this way, you will get a visual feeling about the sentiment of your customers and understand their requirements. Hence, you can improve your product as well as services.