Web Design

When it comes to creating a great design for your website there is more than one way of achieving it. In the webdesign review below I will look at three of the most popular options for web design. This will include the leading web design software suite on the market, a site offering a massive range of templates and an excellent site for finding web designers. The purpose of this guide is to make it easier for you to find the right solution for your own particular circumstances.

Adobe Webdesign Review

The adobe range of web design tools have long been the favorite for both professional web designers and at home website owners. In the Adobe Webdesign Suite CS4 you will get Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash. All three of these software applications are considered the leader in their category. Dreamweaver is an excellent website editing program, Photoshop is the preferred graphics program for most designers and Flash is considered the standard these days for multimedia websites. Adobe products are well supported by the web developer community and are considered the industry standard.

If you want to be able design your website to your exact specifications and you are comfortable with using the adobe web design tools, then this suite will be your best choice. Of course learning how to use these tools takes time, especially if you want to get the most from them. For many website owners hiring a designer or using a template will be a better option.

DreamTemplate Review

If you are looking for a web design template then DreamTemplate is great place to look. DreamTemplate is a membership site, which if you join gives you access to over 7500 templates including photoshop, CSS, logo and flash templates. The templates on DreamTemplate are simple to download and customize to your own needs.

Another nice feature of DreamTemplate is that all of the templates have been categorized. This makes searching for an appropriate template much easier. While there are free templates online, the time you will save searching for the right template is worth the small annual fee.

One of the things that I like best about DreamTemplate is the cost. For only $40 you get unlimited access to the full range of templates for an entire year. There are also sometimes discount codes which can make DreamTemplate. To see if one is available simply perform a Google search for "DreamTemplate Discount Code."

99 Designs Review

99 Designs offers a unique approach to hiring a web designer known as a design contest. To start with you will submit a brief explaining what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to pay for. Then hundreds of web designers who use 99 Designs will submit their own proposal for the design for your site. When you find one that you like the look of you can accept it and they will create the design they submitted.

There are some significant advantages to this system. Firstly you don't need to know exactly what you are looking for before hiring a designer. Secondly you know your site is going to look like before you begin. Thirdly you have a huge range of designers to choose from. And lastly you know exactly how much the project is going to cost you before you begin. This is different to hiring a designer by the hour where the final cost is unknown.

99 Designs also some other great features that I like. When you are preparing your project you will be told approximately how many bidders you can expect depending on your proposed budget. I also like that when you post 99 Designs guides you carefully through how to propose your job and the criteria to use. This is useful because it can be hard to express your vision for the site in language that the designer will clearly understand.

While 99 Designs is a great service it does have its drawbacks. One of the most significant is that you still need to know what a good design is. You might think this should be obvious but many of us aren't actually that great at judging good web design. As well as this you cannot interview the designers yourself or look at their portfolio before choosing. And lastly while you can set the price it can't be less than the minimum that 99 Designs sets.

Overall Recommendation

Choosing the right web design solution will depend on your particular circumstances. If you have a number of different websites and you have a fixed budget then DreamTemplates is an excellent source for a huge range of templates. If on the other hand you have a special web design project but you don't want to work on it yourself, 99 Designs will probably be your best choice. Finally if you are the sort of person who likes to do everything themselves and you have the skills or are willing to learn, then Adobe Webdesign Suite will be the best way for you to get the design you want.